Domestic Made Business Jet First Flight A Success, General Aviation Sees Strategic Period of Opportunity

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Leadair AG300, the first domestic made all-composite turbo rotator business plane with independent IP rights, had a successful first flight in Zhuhai Jinwan Airport on 5th of July. Estimated selling price for the plane is 2 million dollars. During the first flight ceremony, three companies signed purchase intention agreements with China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co and became the first buyers. This is a breakthrough of the situation where business plane market has always been manipulated by foreign companies.


China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co is the “national team” in general aircraft manufacturing, with its kernel assets not yet listed in stock market, holding the four A stock market listed companies of China Aviation Electronic Measuring Instruments, Guizhou Guihang Automotive Components Co Ltd., China Aviation Heavy Machine, and ST Sancin.

Source: Tencent Finance

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