Airbus Signing 69 Billion-Dollar Agreement with Aviation China

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March 26th 2014 at Elysee Palace, under the testimony of French President Hollande and visiting Chinese President Xi Jin Ping, Airbus Helicopters, Paris, France signed an agreement with Helicopters Company, Aviation Industry corporation of China to work together to produce 1,000 new generation EC175/AC352 rotor planes. In 20 years Airbus has the prospect of taking up more than 50% of share in Chinese helicopter market. It is estimated that the scale of Chinese helicopter market is about 50 billion Euros (about 69.13 billion USD).

According to the agreement, Airbus helicopter and Helicopters Company, Aviation Industry corporation of China (Avicopter) will produce 1,000 new generation helicopters in the coming 20 years. According to the provisions each party will cover 50% of R&D work load for the project, also Airbus Helicopters and Avicopter will evenly cover the work load for mass production of EC175/AC352 according to the capability of each party. AC352, which is to be built and supported by Avicopter China, is mainly aim at meeting the requirement of the Chinese market, and the plant would be based in Harbin, north east of China; EC175 is to be made and supported by Airbus Helicopters in Marian, France and is mainly aimed at meeting the requirement of other markets in the world, and the plant is located in Marignan of Southern France.

Earlier this year EC175 has already received airworthiness certificate from European Aviation Security Administration (EASA), the European authority of airworthiness. This plane meets the requirement of global market for high performance multi task middle size double engine rotor plane. 

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