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IGAF Forum - Special Speaker

Special Speaker for IGAF Forum during China Airshow, 2014.

Martin Robinson

Senior Vice President of the International Aircraft Owners and Pilot Associations (IAOPA),with responsibilities for the European and Middle East Region.

IAOPA have 33 affiliated AOPAs across the ECAC region and represent the views of some 25,000 pilots, aircraft owners and small aviation related businesses, which IAOPA have been doing since 1963. Globally IAOPA has offices in 71 states and represents more than 470,000 private pilots and aircraft owners.

ABACE2014 Observations: Talk Less About Isms, Have More Things Done

If regarding ABACE exhibition, which is both professionalized and commercialized prominently, as the wind vane of the Chinese business jet market, then during the show this year, there is quite a consensus among consumers, administrators, manufacturers, operators that the Chinese business jet market is about to enter a stage of transformation. This also brings up a question at the same time: Faced with this transformation, how respective parties respond?

China Aviation News Report, correspondent:Yuan Xinli

Passion and Persistence, the Power to Fulfilling Dreams -- “Student Day” of ABACE 2014

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Asian Business Aviation Association & CGA-HelpDesk

CGA Review - Seattle Aerospace Summit: 2014

Organized by the reputable BCI Aerospace, The Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit was held in Seattle from 11 – 13 March 2014. Over 800 companies from 25 countries graced the event.

From the products and services provided by participating US exhibitors, there is a wide variety including some very specialized components or niche service areas. The pleasant surprise is the discovery of the well designed and aerospace industry targeted higher or vocational education programs in a series of community colleges in the Washington state.

AER0 AT (Jiangsu): Assembly Lines in Jiangsu Lantian Aerospace Industrial Park

February 13th in the afternoon, we attended AERO AT-3 light aircraft signing ceremony together with Mr. Arthur Fliger the lawyer, the joint press release by AERO AT (Jiangsu)Aviation Technologies Ltd , Jiangsu Lantian Aerospace Industrial Park and Jiangsu Tianyi Airport special equipment Ltd.

ZOK: Expects to Join Chinese Aeronautic Material Supply Chain

ZOK is an UK manufacturer with an international brand of environmental friendly cleaner for all types of gas turbine compressors from small helicopters to the largest power generating engines.

It’s interested in how to join the Chinese general aviation material supply chain, and is planning to develop sale agency in vary region of China. Keith Cartwright, the CEO, and Steve Deane, the Technical sale had deep communications with CGA-Helpdesk, and expressed deep interest in the one-stop integrated market entry business model provided by CGA-HelpDesk.

Flieger Law Firm: Can Work Together to Support European SMEs Accessing Chinese General Aviation Market

Mr. Arthur Flieger of exhibiter Flieger Law Firm from Antwerp, Belgium is an expert in international aviation laws and aviation investment tax laws, he highly praised the business promotion and consultant services of CGA-Helpdesk, and hoped to work together to provide legal and tax consultant services for European SMEs to access Chinese general aviation market and Chinese general aviation investors to enter European market. 

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