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Harbour Air / Zongshen Strategic Partnership

Major Chinese Investor Acquires Minority Share in Harbour Air to Bring Commuter Seaplane Service to China

Vancouver/Chongqing — Harbour Air, the world’s largest seaplane airline, has entered into a strategic partnership with China’s Zongshen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (Zongshen Group) to export the seaplane commuter service to major cities throughout China.

MVP Plane Powered by #97 Gasoline to be Introduced on Zhuhai Air Show

During the general aviation event (The EAA Annual Convention and Fly-In) on 27th of July, 2014 in the US, Seaplex Company from the US will formally publicize the cooperation with China Hanxing Group, and bring forth for the whole world a product with brand new design concept – MVP (Most Versatile Plane). The Design team of MVP are highly experienced, who designed the Cirrus SR series planes as well as SF60 single engine 7 seat turbo jet engine business plane.


The 10th China Airshow: Aviation Funds have Opportunity to Fly ARJ21

June 25th this year, C919 mobile general assembly line smoothly passed pre-inspection and acceptance and was delivered. China Commercial Aviation says it will guarantee that the first C919 large scale passenger plane come off the assembly line by the end of the year, and the annual production goal is met. Whether more of the C919 can be revealed during China Airshow is undoubtedly worth expecting.


ARJ21 Delivered This Year, Might be Available for Test Flight During This Airshow


Source: Zhuhai Airshow Company

Domestic Made Business Jet First Flight A Success, General Aviation Sees Strategic Period of Opportunity

Leadair AG300, the first domestic made all-composite turbo rotator business plane with independent IP rights, had a successful first flight in Zhuhai Jinwan Airport on 5th of July. Estimated selling price for the plane is 2 million dollars. During the first flight ceremony, three companies signed purchase intention agreements with China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co and became the first buyers. This is a breakthrough of the situation where business plane market has always been manipulated by foreign companies.


Source: Tencent Finance

Anyang Airshow: All kinds of Aircrafts Gathered Together with "Air Ship" Introduced for the First Time

May 25th, 2014, the Fifth Anyang Air Sports Cultural and Tourist Festival Openned, with 62 planes from 45 exhibitors on show, becoming fantastic contents of the festival. In static exhibition area, many manufacturers brought their gliding chute, powered chute, amphibious aviation craft and other innovative aviation devices, openning everybodys eyes.

Anyang Air Sports Cultural and Tourist Festival


Zenith aircraft training Chinese pilots

Zenith recently shipped its 45th kit for a STOL CH 750 to China.

Once they arrive in China, AGRHA Corporation, which operates kit assembly facilities in Nantong, Jiuangsu, Chongqing, Mianyang, Sichuan, Shenyang, Liaoning and Beijing, assembles the Zenith kits on a production line. They are then test flown and tweaked before delivery, company officials note.

Plans are to send them to flight schools around the country.

General Aviation News

CAAC certifies the R66 Turbine helicopter

Robinson R66 Turbine.

China’s civil aviation authority, the CAAC, has certificated the Robinson R66 Turbine helicopter.

China joins the over fifty countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, EASA member states (Europe), Japan, South Africa, and the US that have certified the helicopter.

Robinson expects to sell more helicopters in China as the country relaxes its airspace restrictions. The company believes that the five-seater R66 helicopter is well suited for the country’s emerging rotorcraft market.

Corporate Jet Investor

Italian Helicopter Tycoon Augusta Westland Layout in China

April 9th, Italian Helicopter Tycoon Augusta Westland announced the establishment of its China regional headquarters in Shanghai. Augusta Westland is the helicopter manufacturing company subordinate to Finmeccanica S.p.A. , one of the five biggest aerospace industrial groups. In 2013, Augusta Westland realized a sales of 4.076 billion Euros and a total order amount of 11.928 billion Euros (about 10.21 billion RMB).

21st Century Economics Report, correspondent: Xiao Xia

Henan Orders 100 Sukhoi Planes – General Assembly Line to be Located in Zhengzhou

March 22nd, Sukhoi Civil Airplane Co Ltd (hereafter abbreviated as Sukhoi Civil), China Tianli Aviation Technology Co Ltd (hereafter abbreviated as Tianli Aviation), Henan Oubei Airplane Co Ltd (hereafter abbreviated as Henan Oubei), and Shanghai Yuanfei Aviation Passenger Airplane Co Ltd (hereafter abbreviated as Yuanfei Aviation) signed Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation, Henan Oubei will purchase 100 Sukhoi super plane (SSJ-100).

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